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Typing Assistant
Typing Assistant
Typing Assistant

Press Center

Welcome to our Press Center. Whether you're a senior editor at a national computer magazine, or are planning your first article for your local PC user's group, this is the place to be.

Downloadable Evaluation Version

You can download the evaluation version from our website. This gets you a 45-days evaluation, just like your readers would get - we offer this free to anyone. As a reviewer, we will send you a complimentary registration key, so that you can continue to use our software past the trial period - it's a courtesy that we extend to the press.

Obtaining A Registration Key

We offer registration keys to enable you to access all features without limits. Please send a request for a key to and explain that you're in the process of reviewing Typing Assistant - mention the publication please. This offer is good for all forms of media - Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Shows, TV Shows, Web-Based Magazines, etc.

Press Release

Feb 04, 2010    Typing Assistant - New generation of word prediction software

Nov 28, 2015    Why I Use Typing Assistant
Typing Assistant - Word Prediction - Text Expander
Typing Assistant supports languages of English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, .....
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